Success Cases

During the past 20 years, LINT TOP has many successful cases among the whole world,

like Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Algeria, Vietnam, Korea, etc.

And because of our good product quality and prompt and effective after-sale service,

we have enjoyed great reputation among our customers.

Besides built up the whole production line in a new plant,

you can also upgrade your lines for cost save with LINT TOP. For example,

you can replace the following parts with better quality:

1. Pay offs, or take ups for your extrusion lines

2. Cross-head for new cables production for your extrusion lines

3. Capstan or pay offs for your stranding lines

Under the principle of ‘CUSTOMER FIRST’,LINT TOP members are on the way

to be more professional, reliable and considerate, and we will keep supplying

TOP QUALITY products with TOP TECHNOLOGY and TOP SERVICE to our dear customers.